Justine Tissue Oil

Words fail me today as I start my second campaign with @justinesafrica.

Today is officially the start of my 4 week campaign with the @justinesafrica Tissue oil and I couldn’t be happier!

As many of you know, my accident scars are something that haunt me daily and really affect the way I look at my body. If you swipe left 👈, you’ll find an unedited picture of the post recovery burns on my right forearm. As you can see the skin is blotchy, uneven and scarred and with the use of @justinesafrica Tissue oil twice daily, I hope to achieve better looking, more even toned skin.

I will be using the oil on the rest of my accident scars as well, but due to inappropriate placement, I’ve opted for an honest opinion written review rather than a visual one. The oil will also be used on my butt and thighs targeting my stretch marks.

Keep an eye on my Instagram stories and feed for weekly feedback as I put this apparent wonder oil, which claims results after just 2 weeks, to the test!
#justinesafrica #Justine #rubybox


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