Getting both our wings even and identical is already a mission, we really don’t need to add full, bouncy hair to that list too!


John Frieda, however, took one for the team and took it upon themselves to create a range that is specially formulated for people like us who suffer from limp, dull, lifeless hair. The new Luxurious Volume range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, a thickening mousse, hairspray and a blow dry lotion. While I only tested out the shampoo and conditioner, I’m  more than confident the rest of the range will live up to the bar the shampoo and conditioner have set.



While the products have exceeded my expectations, there were a few cons along with the pros.


  • Use of just the shampoo and conditioner alone gave impressive results in just a month.
  • Results were visible within the first 5 washes.
  • Packaging is very attractive, with that being said, it comes in a convenient 250ml soft  squeeze tube which makes it perfect for travelling and makes wastage minimal since you can literally roll up and squeeze every bit of product out (we’ve all done this, whether with toothpaste or handbag lotion, don’t even lie).
  • Both products smell amazing. Both the shampoo and conditioner have floral, fruity, fresh notes that leave hair smelling amazing even after styling.
  • The shampoo does a pretty good job at cleaning your hair. I generally double wash but with this range my hair felt clean with just a single wash.
  • The conditioner does not have to be left in your hair for ages for it to start working. While I personally prefer to wash and condition my hair first and then continue with my shower, I’ve found that the conditioner does not need to sit more than a minute or two in your hair for it to be silky and smooth.
  • Hair retains sleekness and softness throughout the day even without a serum being applied on.
  • On days where I leave my hair curly, volume persists even with the curling mousses, etc. used on my hair.
  • The conditioner doesn’t weigh your hair down even when you use it as a leave in conditioner.



  • Pricing. While I do see why the product is quite pricey (considering its size, R115,99 for each for a 250ml), it would definitely not be the right fit for someone on a student budget or who has a low budget in general. I do understand the idea of money for quality, but part of me wishes it was a tad less expensive or the product came in a bigger size for the price.
  • The quality of the cap. I really do adore the packaging. It’s sleek, modern and has a beautiful colour scheme. My issue, however, lies with the cap. While I’m generally pretty careful with all my beauty products (especially the ones I receive to review), sometimes life happens. In this case it fell from my bathroom sink counter and crashed to the floor. I was grateful the damage wasn’t a total train smash, but i was also quite disappointed in the strength and quality of the lid. One of the hinges of the shampoo tube broke on impact and the other was hanging on for dear life.



After all is said and done, I really don’t think the cons should take away from what an amazing range this is. John Frieda really outdid themselves when creating this formula and there really isn’t any fault that I could find with the product itself. it performed exceptionally well and lived up to it’s claim of touchable fullness and there really isn’t anything more I could ask for from this range.


2 Wonky thumbs up for me!


My hair before using the Luxurious Volume range.
My hair after using the Luxurious Volume range for just 2 weeks.
Check out my Instagram page @the_brown_eyed_ash for a quick hair video tutorial using just my John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, a hair dryer and a hair straightener.


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