Tea Tree Thoughts


Now say the title 5 times fast!

Jeez it’s been a long month! I dislocated my knee cap to start with and then, get this, I had to write TESTS. Me, a third year law student, writing TESTS?? Ridiculous right? Honestly I think that after all the pain we go through getting up in the morning for campus, we shouldn’t even have to write tests, our character and determination is tested everyday when we actually do arrive for those 8 a.m. lectures.


Fun and games aside, hell month would have usually wrecked havoc on my skin, but this time I was prepared for whatever my stress and anxiety threw at me. I had my Thursday Plantation Tea Tree range as my backstop and boy did it do wonders.


For those of you who don’t know, Thursday Plantation is an Australian skincare and healthcare brand which has been around for almost 40 years. Their key ingredient in all products is Australian Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil, a natural antiseptic, is well known for it’s benefits to skin, hair and health. The wonder oil treats pretty much everything from acne to foot fungus, crazy right??

Anyway, back to business, the idea behind the new range was to treat acne and leave the user with #filterfree skin. a pretty big claim. While I’m always up to try new products to get rid of the horrid pimples, I’m pretty skeptical and critical of each. This range, however, has left me speechless. I mean the results speak for itself.


I did a little Pros and Cons list so you guys can see my discoveries with this brand.



  • the toner did not burn my skin at all.
  • the toner did’t have an acidic, chemical smell.
  • an extremely small amount of the moisturiser is needed to cover your entire face saving you a lot of product (or if you’re extra like me you just dot a while lot all over your face).
  • the moisturiser leaves your skin feeling supple, soft and really refreshed (hence the above, trust me, once you try it you’ll know what I mean).
  • none of the products reacted badly to my skin.
  • the face wash does a pretty good job getting rid of make up (even when you havent first cleaned with a wipe/micellar water).
  • the face wash has a pump bottle which means that you get the same amount of product every pump and it also means that you don’t have to guess how much product you need every time. I found that one pump of the foam is more than enough to cover my entire face and leave it clean. I go in a second time if i used heavy make up that day just as an added effort.
  • the blemish stick has a lovely smell and truly does wonder on your scars and blemishes (even ones that aren’t acne related).
  • the blemish stick also has a really cute liquid lipstick like applicator which helps you apply the needed amount of product to the needed areas.
  • the blemish stick doesn’t leave a tacky residue on your skin and you can use a cream or moisturiser on top.



  • while I did truly love the face wash, i felt that due to it’s foamy nature, it left my skin feeling quite tight. If i used the toner right after it relieved that feeling and everything went back to normal.
  • the blemish gel size was quite small. Although the applicator saves you from using more product than you need, I personally think that the tube could go up to at least a 10ml.
  • these products aren’t the best if you have a student budget, they are quite pricey, but with good reason
  • the moisturiser does take quite long to sink into skin. It requires a lot of rubbing in, but once it’s sunk in your skin feels AMAZING!


Overall I’m extremely pleased with this range. It cleared our my acne as claimed and left my skin feeling fresh and oil free. I would repurchase these products, the blemish stick especially! I recommend this to any person struggling with acne or someone who wants to get clearer, brighter skin.


Also, check out my Instagram page for a quick Thursday Plantation tutorial!


Until next time




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