Justine Tissue Oil, hit or miss?


Now, before I get into it, let me start of by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with having stretch marks and scars. They are reminders of different parts of our lives and each carry a story of their own, some beautiful, some not so much, but a story nonetheless. That being said, there is no reason why we shouldn’t improve on ourselves daily, not for anyone, but ourselves.


Stretch marks and scars are something that haunt majority of us, mine specifically are the stretch marks on my booty and the burn scar on my wrist/forearm. I’ve used everything from high-end serums and products to homemade elixirs and scrubs and literally nothing worked. Needless to say that about four weeks ago when I received the Justine South Africa Tissue oil range, I was both curious and skeptical as to whether this product will actually work.


The oil claims to give you noticeably better looking scars and stretch marks in about 2 weeks when applied twice daily. That’s a pretty big claim from an oil, right? I mean, how much can it really do in just 14 days? Well, keep reading to find out.

Before use 

Pretty nasty, right? That was from a gas burn when my airbag popped. The scar skin is quite dark and blotchy and pretty noticeable.


I used the oil religiously, applying daily after I showered in the morning and night and I really liked the feel of the oil. It absorbed quickly into my skin and didn’t leave much of a residue at all. My skin felt instantly moisturized and softer to the touch as well. Despite it being an oil, I had no greasy feeling on my skin and it gave my skin a beautiful, subtle sheen. After about 5 days I began noticing a small change in the skin on my arm, my skin looked much healthier and much less… scarred, so to say. It felt even better! There wasn’t really much change to the skin on my booty, but it was only just 5 days



Fast forward to my 14 day mark.


Okay, new hand, who dis????? My scarred skin looked amazing! It was considerably lighter, the skin was more plump and healthy looking, it wasn’t as blotchy, oh and did I mention it looked AMAZING! Just look at it!

After 2 weeks of use


My stretch marks looked better too, the marks itself weren’t as dark and the skin looked more hydrated, was much softer and it looked much better.


I’m pretty sure you guys are as stunned as I am. I’ve heard preggy and post-preggy moms swear by it, but honestly I never actually thought it would work. Justine really outdid themselves with this oil. At only R179.00 for a 100ml, it’s an absolute steal. The effectiveness of the product outmatches that of a few higher end products I’ve tried and in such a small amount of time, the results are truly incredible.


The only con I found was that I didn’t really like the smell. I really don’t like the smell of tissue oil, of any brand. The smell from the Justine brand wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t the most pleasant either. The only criticism I can think of is if Justine manufacturers looked towards adding perfume or making it unscented completely if possible.

My skin today (27/09/18) after roughly around 4 weeks of use
I would definitely recommend and buy this tissue oil again. It works like a charm and is extremely affordable for the quality and results you receive. You can find your nearest Justine rep by following the link below.










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