Invisible? Dry?

Current situation:

Time: 20:01
Temperature: 31°C
Sweat level: 0
Yes, that right! absolutely nothing!

It’s been a whole month since I started my Dove Invisible dry campaign and boy oh boy have the results stunned me. Growing up, Dove has been a preferred family favorite when it came to soaps so you couldn’t imagine my excitement when the antiperspirant was launched.

The product claims to leave no white marks and stains while still keeping you perfectly dry for 48 hours. That’s a pretty big claim, even from a brand as massive as Dove, but nevertheless, your girl was up for the challenge. Over the 4 weeks I used the antiperspirant every day after I showered and tested the ‘no mark’ claim with 3 tests and various fabrics.

Test 1: The Indian garment.

As beautiful as they are, don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to keep them stain and mark free, let alone the hassle it is to clean them in general and the sheer weight of it. That in mind, I knew it would be a perfect was to test the effectiveness of the product and see exactly how well it fares.

The result:

After having the garment on for a good 13 hours or so, running around in the sun and just having good, old fashioned fun, I’d say it did decently in the sweat department. I was as impressed as I hoped to be, but it wasn’t a total train smash of sweat everywhere. I’d give it a 6/10

When I took off the garment and inspected it, there wasn’t a single stain! Not even any residue of the product or any stiffness in the material. This was a big shock since the material these garments are made of can be very unforgiving. I give it a full score!

Test 2: The Court dresses

There is nothing, and I mean Nothing that gets my confidence levels up like slipping on a tailored black dress and some sky-high heels. That being said, the last thing a crisp, sexy pitch black dress needs is a ugly stain under the arms. Cue test 2.

The result:

After spending a 9-5 in an office day after day, I think that the product works much better in a controlled environment and while indoors. Sweat levels were barely there to non-existent and I felt fresh the entire day. I say 9/10.

White stains??? We don’t do that here! 10/10!

Test 3: The casual Outfit

There’s not much more embarrassing in the hygiene department than sweat patches on a date or even on a gathering with friends. Besides it being super uncomfortable and totally awkward, you run the risk of ruining a perfectly good top with the use of the wrong antiperspirant because not only will it stain, but leave the material stiff.

The result:

Keeping the results from test 1 in mind, I prayed I wouldn’t get let down and surprisingly I didn’t. I was pretty active during the test and was in the sun for quite a while which surprisingly wasn’t an issue. I had minimal sweat even in the sun and although the sheltered area was still quite hot, I didn’t have an issue at all. 9/10

Keeping up with its good reputation with regards to no stains, I’d give it another 10/10!

This antiperspirant definitely exceeded my expectations as far as no marks and stains were concerned but disappointed a little when it came to preventing sweat. I think that it’s more a 24hr antiperspirant than a 48hr one. I didn’t have an issue with the scent, I actually prefer the fresh scent and it definitely is wearable without perfume.

Overall I think that this product is well worth your money, at only R29.99 for 150ml (Clicks) its such a steal if you want guaranteed stainless clothing even on the sweatiest of days.


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