Beaucience Part 1 of 2

The Anti-age care day/night moisture cream

I know what you’re thinking, anti-age care? Aren’t you only like 20?

Like Coco Chanel says: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” and since the big 21 is closing in fast and hard, the idea of actually getting older has really set in, so why not do everything you can to slow down the physical signs, right?

Cue Beaucience, say it with me Bo-si-ance, a professional skincare brand hailing from our very own South Africa making waves in the skincare industry. Beaucience uses natural formulas to provide skincare worthy of the Gods at a price that wont break the bank and more importantly, actually works.

The day/night moisture cream can be used, as the name suggests, during the day, at night or even both. Each ingredient specifically targets signs of aging or supplements good, healthy skin. On the note of ingredients, as with any product, it’s a bit intimidating looking at the ingredient list, so to make it as easy as possible to understand what actually goes into making this moisturizer and to break down the core ingredients, I’ve made a little list of each with their benefits.

  • Organic Green tea: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent, full of vitamin B2 and vitamin E (your skin NEEDS these)
  • Organic Marula Oil: reduces appearance of scars, rich in essential fatty acids, hydrates skin
  • Geranium: reduces wrinkles, enhances skin, anti-inflammatory, firms skin.
  • Ylang Ylang: balances sebum in skin, anti-aging effects, clears up acne
  • Eco certified proteasyl: protects collagen and elastin in your skin to fight against aging, improves skins elasticity and firmness.

After religious use for over a month, I’ve grown quite fond of the moisturizer and there was very little to dislike. I made a little pros and cons list to give you guys a little indepth view of the product.


  • Right of the bat, the box is a beautiful white with green and grey tones making it look very fresh and natural.
  • We need a minute to appreciate the actual container that houses the product. #packaginggoals! The sleek clear container will have you in disbelief that this product isn’t high end!
  • The ingredients are natural and are suitable for sensitive skin
  • It soaked into my skin quickly
  • Only a small amount of product is needed per use so it is pocket friendly over a long period of time
  • At only R139.99 for a moisturizer, it really is on the better priced side of the scale
  • My skin feels much firmer and there was a noticeable difference in my smile lines and overall texture of my skin
  • My skin was hydrated throughout the day.
  • Can be used as a primer for make up
  • Can be used under a primer and has no effect at all on the make up
  • My skin feels softer as well as smoother and less bumpy. Having combination skin, I do find that the skin along my cheeks would sometimes get tiny little bumps which are not very noticeable, but you can feel it. With the use of the moisturizer I definitely saw a decrease in the bumps on my skin.
  • The skin on my neck feels more supple and not as thin and fragile as it did before
  • There was also a decrease in the newer, fine lines on my neck and a decrease in the appearance of the already formed lines.


  • I personally prefer a scented moisturizer. The product had a very natural smell to it and I think that with such an overall great product, this tiny detail would have definitely taken it to the top for me.
  • Without make up, I did find that my skin would sometimes get a tad bit oily around my T-zone throughout the day, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some blotting paper or even a piece of tissue.

To conclude, I definitely think that this moisturizer is worth it. This is the first time I am trying the brand and I am surprised at how much I love this product. It has multiple uses, natural and is pocket friendly. Did I mention that you can find it on Zando too! Yes that right! Online shopping giants Zando are resellers of this amazing brand making it super accessible and totally worth your bucks!

For more information on the range head on over to to place an order or to check out their other ranges!


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